Purukatu 2

Customer service
Tel.          +358 17 586 8800
Fax          +358 17 586 8850
kuopio (at) nkp.fi

Managing director
Riina Korhonen
+358 400 583 114
riina.korhonen (at) nkp.fi

Lifting operations
Timo Hämäläinen
+358 400 138 300
timo.hamalainen (at) nkp.fi

Lifting operations
Jaakko Läärä
+358 400 576 580
jaakko.laara (at) nkp.fi

Foreman, precast installation
Jorma Korhonen
+358 50 366 0242
jorma.korhonen (at) nkp.fi

Foreman, precast installation
Timo Kröger
+358 44 722 3310
timo.kroger (at) nkp.fi

Sales secretaries
Jaana Laakkonen, Anni Himanen
Tel. +358 50 408 7536

Entrepreneur, Member of the Board
Heikki  Korhonen
+358 400 672 300
heikki.korhonen (at) nkp.fi


Nostokonepalvelu JK Oy provides crane rental and precast installation
in Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Varkaus area. Thanks to our several decades of
experience customers can rely on us to choose exactly the right crane
and lifting equipment for their needs.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Nostokonepalvelu JK Oy has implemented and maintains a ISO 9001-
certified Quality Management System. Our management system
fulfills the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Nostokonepalvelu JK Oy in cooperation with Dinner In The Sky Kuopio 2017

7.Augustta 2017 Sunsets Kuopio beach volley event took place in Kuopio Harbour 3-5.8.2017 and offered a change for a unique experience, when Dinner In The Sky Kuopio brought the worldwide popular skyrestaurant to... Lue lisää

Precast installation of Kuokkala comprehensive school has begun

4.Aprilta 2017 Nostokonepalvelu JK Oy has started precast installation of the new comprehensive school building in Kuokkala, Jyväskylä. Approximately 900 precast will be installed and installation will be done by... Lue lisää